Alright, second round of E3 pics. These I’ll explain; so, nearly the Atlus booth, there was a booth for an upcoming game called Dragon Crown, and so the people there gave out Dragon Crown dragon crowns with Dragon Crown written on them. Unfortunately the crown made me look partially bald. Another Nintendo booth, me doing this Halo top-down tablet game High Score competition, which if the game didn’t freeze, I would’ve tied the high score with. Next we have me painfully fitting into a Mario Cart 8 photo booth, and me popping out of a DK barrel. Now the big one: That there is an autograph (and doodle) from Jason Vandenberghe, you know, one of the MAIN GUYS who made Far Cry 3 and other great games. He was in front of us in line to buy E3 shirts, nice guy, had a conversation with me even. Then I snuck  in a picture with Mario and Luigi, and my dad took a picture of the Atlus booth. Speaking of! I got a signed poster from Masayuki Doi (Shin Megami Tensei) after waiting for the line to start for 2 hours. Worth it! I also nearly beat the Dead or Alive world champion in at least one round to win a Dead or Alive joypad. She is REALLY fucking good, she always chose a random character, but can beat anyone as everyone. Except for the (not joking) Asian guy who went RIGHT AFTER ME. Crushed me! Especially since I had her down to ONE HIT left. Fun day, though! Never pass up any chance you get to go to E3, obviously. Open for questions about it too!

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