Maybe there's thing? Maybe not.


~And they lived happily ever after~

This was really dumb and a lot of fun to draw :D

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This is a recent occurrence.,Hollie F. Jackson had a litter of puppies and decided to use them as target practice. She let them bleed out in her front yard.
She calls it ‘taking care of business’ but the rest of us call it murder.
Please please get this attention. She needs to be put in prison.

This is seriously so important and I wish people would care about this as much as I do.
If this doesn’t get attention, nothing is going to happen.
She murdered helpless, starving puppies for fun and posted it on fb like it was something to be proud of.

Fuck that.

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*choking a melee purist with wiimote/nunchuck cord* can a wavebird do THIS?!?!? CAN A WAVEBIRD DO THIS?!?


i hate parents that treat their kids like shit and then have the audacity to ask for respect

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